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More outdoor ideas for the summer from MyToolKit. Nice

Hello again

Whilst we return to the rain here at My Tool Kit Central today, following the ups and downs of June..... fingers crossed that the weekend brings us some sunshine.

Optimistic, as always, I thought I would share some more of the great outdoor ideas I have come across this week. After all summer is here and if you are anything like me, the outside is a must on the evenings after work and most certainly at weekends. 

This first article/pictures is around imaginative planting in an urban environment. If you ask me though there are some fine ideas which can be implemented anywhere. I live in the country side and am keen to start planning a green wall. 


Now, it is no secret here that I am not particularity 'green fingered' However, I was so surprised at some of these potting stations. From a purpose built one (image 3) to a potting station made from a dressing table.!?! but it looks OK and its functional 😄 
Entertaining outdoors is more my style. Look at these little gems of ideas:
                                did you know?
Hope there are some inspirations for you here, so  until next time .....Ta Ra, enjoy your weekend and week ahead.
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