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Hello again 

Well the 1st 5 day week, since Easter weekend (its been a busy one!) and we here at MyToolKit are certainly looking forward to yet another long weekend 😊 Guessing you are too.

This week, I thought the following articles might be useful for work or/and home. We really enjoy learning about colours and shades here. Essential when it comes to design and build. One to watch, if you manage a website, is 'website colour schemes that convert'

Colours! See this very interesting article for anyone needing some ideas on how to blend colour and what the rules are. Extremely useful in business and when planning home projects.

If you have a website, take a look at this really useful blog from 99 designs. Entitled: 'website colour schemes that convert' 


Quite a few of our customer's up-cycle either in the DIY sense or to make a living. This post entitled 'An Honest Review: Why I Prefer Poly over Wax' put together by Little House of Four, offers sound comparison  of the pros and cons of using wax and polycrylic when conducting a furniture make over.

How to make easy easy DIY Brushstroke Art. This particular idea might not appeal to you, but it will get you thinking of other ways this technique can be applied 

How about re claimed wood to hang your pics on? Quite liking this one from 'My Repurposed Life' 

Until next time, enjoy the bank holiday . Who knows we may see some sun ☀️, unlike this week when we actually saw snow❄️.....


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