Problem? The solution! When choosing a staple or nail gun from mytoolkit

Problem? The solution! When choosing a staple or nail gun

Problem? The solution! When choosing a staple or nail gun

We learn from our customers all the time. Let’s face it, if we can’t learn from them , then how will we know how to do things better….

Our enquirers often open up with,  which stapler or nailer do I need?  

Then: Which brand do I choose ? Senco, Rapid, Tacwise, Bostitch, Josef Khilberg, Arrow, BEA.....

Someone who works in the construction industry or is a joiner and constantly uses their staple gun or nail gun. Will always require a different brand than that of an individual who only requires a stapler or nailer for some home improvement, re furbish a camper van, boat, or who upholsters and upcycle's as a small business.

Kind of a contradiction in terms really! as by offering so much choice it can lead to a little confusion at  times. We can be our own worst enemy!

However, we feel so strongly that everyone should have the option to purchase which ever brand which either they already know and like. By us being accredited to supply all the brands It means that we we can offer truly impartial advice which, in turn, ensures  that our customers get the exact staple or nail gun they need.

Getting confused yet?  ….in our quest to make things a little clearer (this on top of Chloe’s amazing infographs and images). We have now arranged for two rather cute introductions, illustration type videos to sit on our home page.

One for Home Improvers, Up Cyclers etc and one for business  users

As a valued customer, we appreciate any thoughts or suggestions at every stage

So take a look...



Take Care,

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