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Slightly Adventurous Outdoor Garden Ideas - How to's

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In keeping with our audience being varied with what they do. This weeks blog is about some fabulous ideas I have come across over the last couple of weeks. Which can be utilised in your own home - well to be more precise in the garden.

First up: 15 steps to building an outside bar. This does require some considerable skills, but is a nice result for any garden. Would sit very well next to your BBQ.

When you've got your bar built, then why not built an outdoor settee out of pallets. These instructions follow on from the bar.

Then there's this one for your outdoor activity's this summer. 11 steps on how to build a Table Top Fire Bowl. The first bit reminds me of when I used to take great delight in making the Plaster of Paris figurines as a child. Tapping and Jiggling until the bubbles surfaced 😊

Oh and I had just to include this article on how to decorate a patio for summer Some great ideas 😃Like the welcome sign (easy to make), Wall mounted bottle opener (easy to use 😉) and the mini planters. 


If you are feeling really adventurous and fancy an outdoor kitchen. Then this article will be of  use: 8 Mistakes to Avoid when Building an Outdoor Kitchen 


Some general and very handy tips on getting your patio/outdoor area up to scratch 

What ever plans you have got for the garden this year. Bring on more sunshine so we can enjoy the great British Outdoors is what I say 🕶️

Send your pics in, we'd love to see them!

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Take care for now. 

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