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March 24, 2017

Why should you use stainless steel staples and nails? A guide by mytoolkit

Stainless Steel Fastening. Reduce customer complaints

Hope last week was a good one for you. For us with the spring virtually upon us, we have been bombarded with orders for stainless steel staples and nails. Its that time of the year! when fences and outdoor buildings are being built along with the marine folk upholstering boats, large and small.

One company even explained to us how they got them selves in trouble by overlooking how galvanised staples and nails are liable to rust when used outdoors. A brief on this story is touched on, in this short video. Along with some pointers around how and when stainless steel coil nails, staples, and brads should be used, up and above galvanised.


Below are links to our wide and Varied Stainless Steel sections. All of which meet grade 304, the standard required:
Hope this is useful if not now, in the future ...
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