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Tip: What is a staple crown?

Back in June, here at My Tool Kit, a customer was asking about the logic around series of staple types.

The exact quote was: Why do staples have different series and what do they mean?

In short, there is no meaning to the number that they are given. It seems that companies have created these numbers just for reference (theirs). To start with, the 80 series is larger than the 71 series, and the 140 series is larger than both of those. That’s where the logic ends! (if indeed there is any)  As, the 50 series staple is roughly the same gauge as the 140 series, but they vary in crown sizes!

As I'm sure you can imagine, we receive quite a few questions in this highly confusing industry. Many similar with some one ‘offs’

So it was this day in June that got me thinking of how we could help the masses. There started the beginnings of a help section to our website...... and the task commenced!

And so today I am proud to introduce you to the launch of our Frequently asked Questions Section of our website.

In short, if you have correct information when purchasing a Staple or Nail Gun, it will reduce errors, and of course, save you money. Simple's  👍👍 Same goes for the Nails and Staples.

In turn you will end up with a tool best suited for the job in hand, meaning you will get many years use out of it.

Here at Stapling and Nailing Supplies, we take information sharing very seriously. Any one that has dealt with us knows this very well. So keep track of this help section of our website, by saving it to your favourites, it could well help you in the future.

Otherwise, if you have any burning questions, or think we could include something else then please let us know. This is an ongoing project..... 

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Take care for now 

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