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Stop oiling the Airtool's magazine!!!!

A very easy lesson to help keep your pneumatic tool running longer and in good condition

  • It IS necessary to oil the tool.
  • It is NOT necessary to Oil the Magazine.

One drop is all it takes!

A little oil applied correctly will then disperse throughout your tool without any effort from you – can’t be bad!

Here’s how:

1 - Drop in to the in the connector, this is the bit where the gun connects to the air hose ….the magic then happens.

2 - When you attach the Airtool to the airline, no fixings loaded.

3 - Pull the trigger a few times (facing away from you and with the magazine empty)   it will then circulate the oil round the tool, lubricating the ‘O’ Rings as well- Magic!

Caution: Use pneumatic tool oil only as any other can rot the ‘O’Rings. You usually receive a bottle when you first purchase an Air Tool. Just make sure that you make it your business to source Air Tool Oil for when your initial supply is finished.

Do NOT put oil into or around the magazine as many people do

Why: it will attract dirt and debris, making matters worse

What to do with the magazine: The most you need to do here is to wipe the area. Ideal if you blow it with compressed air – easy!

Simple step: Suggest to do it once weekly

That's it!  As with all these things, better to maintain rather than fix!

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Have a great time!

learn how to oil your air tool

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