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The Coil Nailer never lies! 2 Categories

The 2 Types of Coil Nailers 

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What is a Coil Nail Gun Used for? many of our customer ask us this. So without further ado here is the final in our Nailer Poster series. 

The same as the others in our series, don't overlook saving these Info-graphics to your favourites. You never know when you might need tool guidance again. So far we have covered the 15,16 and 18 Gauge Tools, 21G and 23 Gauge Pinners, Strip Nailers along with Corrugated Fasteners. See them here in our Blogs. NB if you prefer PDF versions, then drop us a note with a request.

Importantly there are two categories and sizes for Coil Nail Guns.

Flat and coil and…..

The smaller one's:

20-57mm Coil Nailer

and the larger ones:

70-100mm Coil Nailer

These are 1st fix heavy duty tools.

coil nail types

Q:Who Makes the Best Coil Nailer? A: Difficult to say as we select our products very carefully.

We supply a great Brand range of these Air Tools, including Tacwise, Stanley Bostitch the CN70 and Trusty

tacwise coil nailertacwise coil nailer

A firm favourite with our customers is the Mini Tacwise, DCN50LHH2 Mini Tacwise, DCN50LHH2

Take a look at this comparison video


We get asked questions like these on a regular basis: What is a Coil Nailer Used For? How do I use a Coil Nailer for?

Take a look at this video which summarises the tools covered to date in this sequence: 

Next week, we will be starting our Stapler Poster Series. Starting with the 14 series.

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