3 Tips You Need When Buying an Upholstery Tool

3 Tips You Need When Buying an Upholstery Tool

Tips To Consider Before Buying an Upholstery Tool

1 - Power

When you’re purchasing an upholstery stapler – make sure to consider what power is needed and what power is available. We would always recommended getting an air powered staple gun (used with a compressor) wherever possible as these have the most reliable power source and are easy to service and maintain. Electric and battery tools are another option for the  DIY-ers and up-cyclers, however when used in hard wood they can have difficulty sending the staple all the way in. You can end up hammering the staple home which kind of defeats the object of using a stapler! Hand operated staplers provide another cheaper option and can be of assistance when there is very little stapling to do, however  they can cause hand strain when used a lot, additionally you may again have to hammer home staples in hard woods – rather like the electric and battery tools.

3 Tips You Need When Buying an upholstery stapler

2 - Right tool for the job

If you are confused which tool you need for successful upholstery, don’t just guess! It could be a very expensive mistake. There are so many different staplers all made with a different job in mind! It’s a common mistake that people think a stapler will take any staple – different staplers take a certain type of staple the most common upholstery staplers are Type 71 Series, 80 Series, 53 Series and 13 Series. The Type 71 Series is most common in upholstery work and is really great for vehicles and specialist upholstery as they take a staple that fires a smallest staple leg length of 3mm which is ideal for refurbishing door cards.

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3 - Manufacturers

There are many different manufacturers in the industry and they all have benefits and drawbacks. We find the best advice is that you should not under spend on what you need. Simply put, if you are stapling extremely high volume (this means using all day every day) ie. industrial use, you should buy a stapler manufactured for professional use. There are also cheaper tools which are semi-professional use or alternatively just for odd-jobs and occasional use but if you need any advise then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Remember choosing the wrong tool can cost you a lot of money – overuse on a tool will class as wear and tear and won’t be covered by a warranty.

Don’t be afraid to ask

Remember when considering these points that we are here to help and advise either by phone 0333 8000 345 or drop us a line here. We have worked with all the major manufacturers for over 25 years, so we know a little about air staplers. We have yet to receive what some customers call a “stupid question”

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