Trends for Flooring Styles in 2017

Trends for Flooring Styles in 2017


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You might not think that the world of flooring can change that much in twelve months, but believe us; things are looking a little different for 2017. So to keep you at the top of your game, here are our top flooring trends to look out for this year.

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  • Rustic wood

Rough, distressed looking wood is the order of the day for 2017, with customers wanting a more homey/lived-in look. Hand-scraped wood will be very popular next year as it can take a lot of wear and tear and still look good. Wide planks are also quickly becoming the norm, as they are great for making small or open plan rooms look bigger.


  • Big kitchens

Big kitchens

Open plan kitchen/diners, or kitchen/family rooms have seen a massive boost in the past few years with everyone wanting to be in on the action, and 2017 will be no different. For these types of rooms wood or laminate flooring is the easiest answer as it unites the two spaces consistently and is a relatively cheap yet effective solution.


  • Exotic Woods

Exotic woods

Hickory, cherry and walnut are highly sought after wood varieties that will be seen throughout next year, and in terms of colour, darker stains and gray tones will be fashionable too. 


  • Environmentally friendly

environmentally friendly

Everyone is concerned about their environmental impact these days, so when it comes to flooring, reclaimed woods that have been salvaged from older buildings or barns are the way to go. There will also be a rise in the number of companies taking new wood and making it look old. Bamboo will also be making a comeback thanks to its versatility and renewable nature. There have previously been shrinkage issues with bamboo, but that seems to be straightened out for now.


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