Who does what at MyToolKit 🧑🏿‍🤝‍🧑🏽🧑🏼‍🤝‍🧑🏻

Who does what at MyToolKit 🧑🏿‍🤝‍🧑🏽🧑🏼‍🤝‍🧑🏻

Why Not Get To Know Us at MyToolKit 

We think it’s important for a customer to know where their products are coming from – and that includes the team that the products are coming from too!

So, we’ve put together a little fact-file of the Stapling and Nailing Supplies staff to help us build a better relationship with our customers.

Read on to get the inside scoop on My Toolkit!

the team at mytoolkit stapling and nailing supplies


Steve is the brains behind the entire operation here at My Toolkit! He is our Director and resident prankster in the office. You will often find Steve in the workshop, vigorously testing tools, or pouring over tools deciding which ones are the best to stock for our customers. He has a fantastic eye for knowing which tools fit best with our brand, and he is always on the lookout for the better alternatives. That’s why we have such a variety of stock for so many different applications! Steve also has the job of keeping the businesses finances in check – if you see him buried in piles of invoices make sure to bring him a cup of tea and some biscuits!

Steve set up the business almost 25 years ago. He thought there was a gap in the market for stapling and nailing specialists that put the customer first in order to un-complicate this confusing industry. His comprehensive knowledge gained by hands-on experience makes him a customer favourite – even our suppliers come to him for advice sometimes! He always has the time of day for solving problems, and even now offers customer consultations to puzzle out what exactly is needed.

Steve used to be a marine engineer in the RFA (Royal Fleet Auxiliary) and he has always been inquisitive about the ins and outs of tools. Creating Stapling and Nailing Supplies was his next natural step.

In his spare time, Steve is a huge sports fan – put him in front of the football, golf or horse racing and he’s a happy man!

Fun Fact:

Steve started Stapling and Nailing Supplies as a man-in-a-van visiting customers on the road and repairing tools from his garage!


Sian is our Marketing and HR Manager. She is responsible for communications out of the office and is also in charge of our staff. The office wouldn’t run smoothly without her! You can usually find Sian creating new and exciting content for our email campaigns, or figuring out how to take our company to the next level. Sian always has the customer experience in mind, and meticulously plans our website and other content to try and un-complicate this confusing industry for customers. She also ensures that the information posts on Instagram and Facebook are accurate and useful, as well as finding a good industry joke or funny video to share with our followers.

Sian has a background of being an assessor and trainer and used to be a Community First Responder. She’s now is our marketing whizz, and trains our staff to make sure all customers get the best My Toolkit experience possible!

Fun Fact:

For fun, Sian loves factual reading – especially pre-war history. She also enjoys spending time in Portugal. Pair the two together and you’ve got Sian’s dream holiday!


Chloe is our Marketing and Operations Assistant. She is responsible for making our website look the best it can be, and making new content for our YouTube channel – amongst many other things! Regular customers will know Chloe as she’s usually on the phone or emailing giving our customers the best service possible. She is also our resident problem solver – give her a complicated query or a tricky piece of software and she’ll have it figured out in no time!

Chloe began as Steve’s apprentice 6 years ago, and is still here! She’s a jack of all trades in the office: she tests tools and packs orders, answers phones and sends emails, writes code for the website and lists all of our new products, creates interesting and useful email campaigns, schedules Facebook posts (she loves a good fail video) and has also featured in our YouTube videos, and theres more of them on the way. Phew – she’s a busy lady! With so many office responsibilities, to relax in her spare time she is an avid gym-goer and enjoys going to the pub with her friends at the weekends.

Fun Fact:

Chloe climbed to Everest Base Camp for charity in 2018!


Beth is our Content Writer and Office Assistant. Her main responsibilities are writing product descriptions for our website, managing our PR activities, and helping out around the office. Also, creating blogs like this one! You can often find her creating colour-coded spreadsheets for her projects (she likes to be organised) or researching new tools for website descriptions.

Beth works with us part-time as she is a Masters student, studying Journalism at a local university. She started with us as a Social Media Intern during her undergraduate degree 2 years ago, and has been with us ever since!

In her spare time, Beth enjoys reading and going to the theatre – especially to see musicals.

Fun Fact:

She studied abroad in America for 6 months!

Stapling and Nailing Supplies also have a great relationship with the nearby Keele University and often take on interns to offer them industry experience alongside their studies (that’s how Beth started!)

We currently have Nathaniel and Alexis from Keele University working with us and their main duties revolve around the warehouse, dispatching goods and  monitoring stock. In short these nice folk are responsible for ensuring you, the customer receives the correct item ordered and that means its an essential part of their job to back check that all our processing is present and correct!

Fun fact:

Nathaniel and Alexis are still in training and are a little mind-boggled with everything it takes to be part of the Stapling and Nailing crew – but as they learn they can help the customers that are in the same position.

So there you have it – the entire Stapling and Nailing Supplies team. It takes a lot of work to keep Stapling and Nailing Supplies at the top of its game, and our customers are a huge part of that. Working together is the best way to keep this confusing industry running as smooth as possible!

Chances are you’ll hear from one of us if you have a query or place an order. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Warmest wishes

From the team at MyToolKit

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