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Wood project we enjoyed seeing this week

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Chuck here this week again, seriously hoping you have had a great week. Not as cold as it could be for this time of the year. Looks like Halloween may be dry and above freezing pointghost 1

We see so many beautiful works of art both from our customers as well as across the world wide web. This week we thought you would like to see this interesting DIY article which caught our eyes.

A Wooden Train Set Like No Other! One of many From UGEARS. We love them...

Click on the link below to see a rather an intricate piece of woodwork comes "from a Kickstarter campaign that’s already exceeded its funding goal more than six times over. It’s easy to see why. The intricately detailed working models UGEARS is producing are just amazing, and they look like a tremendous amount of fun to build and, well, play with.......

So perfectly designed you don’t even need glue to put it together....make a lovely  gift is what we are thinking 

Until next time, have a great Halloween weekend ghost 2

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