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b3 Shopfitting

March 04, 2016

b3 Shopfitting

Do you ever walk into a shop and think: “Wow, these countertops are impeccable!”? No. Of course you don’t. Why not? So much hard work, time and money that goes into these everyday masterpieces is overlooked by, well, pretty much everyone who see’s them. So today, I’d like to congratulate one of the unsung heroes of the competitive world of shop-fitting – our very loyal customers, b3 Shopfitting.

From relaxing dining experiences in your local pizza hut to sporty sleek bicycle displays, b3 have it covered.

N.B. Although b3 might not be able to help with what only can be described as questionable customer service you may be subjected to in these big brand outfits – they can surely help with the ambiance, and more importantly, your comfort.

So just remember, next time you treat yourself to a cheeky coffee, Starbucks wasn’t built in a day.

Take care,


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