MyToolkit explains 16G Finish Nailers

16 Gauge Nailer. It does exactly what it says....

Following the previous poster on the 15 Gauge Angled Finish Nailer, here we go with the 16 Gauge Nail Gun. Remeber to save this page to your Favourites, so you know what your doing the next time you need to order a tool.

Or indeed in the case that you need to remind yourself of this tools flexibility; ideal for applications including window frames, beading, flooring, furniture manufacturing to attaching insulation and lining. 

 A guide to 16 gauge Nail guns


If you're still unsure on what tool is best, our last poster/infographic also explained the difference between a 15 Gauge Nailer and a 16 Gauge Finish Nailer - similar to his article in our help section:

difference between 15 and 16 gauge nail guns

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Why not also check out our poster on the 18 Gauge Nail Gun and don't forget to save the series in your favourite folder.

Take care for now, make sure to go out and nail your week! #nailit

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