What is a 15G Brad nailer? MyToolkit explains

It does exactly what is says. The 15 gauge air nailer

Over the next few weeks you will be receiving one by one our series of posters put together buy us in an attempt to simply and identify some of the many Nail and Staple Gun types and what they are mainly used for.

So save this illustration along with the forthcoming posters to your favourites folder. Then next time you need a tool, some staples or nails you can be sure to know what to order for the job in hand! 

A question we often get asked is:

What is the difference between 15 Gauge DA Brad Finish Nail Guns and 16 Gauge Finish Nailer's?

Well, quite simply the 15 Gauge Nails are slightly thicker than the 16 Gauge Nails. 15 G are mainly designed for Angled Nailing (although 16 Gauge do have an angled range) , allowing you to take the application in to tight areas.

15 Gauge Nail Gun  Look out for the next tool and fastening poster on 16 Gauge Tools. Meanwhile, don't forget to save this one....for 'as and when'

Have a wonderful weekend.

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