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2 Good to know Trends for Furniture Manufacturing

Hello there. 

Whether or not you are in the business of making furniture, I feel sure that you will find these two points of interest. 

Perhaps, the most fast-paced sector of joinery, furniture manufacturers really have to be on the ball in terms of keeping up to date with the latest designs, news and trends in this category.  So to help you get a head start, here are the key trends for furniture manufacturers to look out for in the coming year.


  • 1) Earthy pastels

A bit more interesting than simple earth tones, Pantone have predicted the rise of earthy pastels such as lavender and blush. More organic and natural colours will see a resurgence, but in a subtle and muted way. Big, bright, bold pops of colour will also be a hit next year, as they play off the more subtle colours in the background.


  • 2) Metal is still in


Industrial, masculine and durable, metal will always be the go to material for furniture manufacturers who want to create modern pieces with clean, sharp lines, and next year will see mixed metals being used a lot. There’s also a new metal finish on the scene: white plaster, which gives furniture an organic, chic finish.

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Two more furniture tips next week. Meanwhile, keep well:


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