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2 More Good to Know Trends for Furniture Manufacturing

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Following on from last week, when I sent you 2 pointers around the ways that furniture manufacturing and re-furbishing is trending. Part one was on earthy pastels and metal. Extending that, read about two other factors, which could help you in your quest to keep  up to date in business, or indeed for personal choice.  

  • 3) Stain resistant fabric

No one wants a piece of furniture that they can’t actually use, do they? Fashionable and practical all at once, stain resistant fabric is more than just good sense. For people who want a piece of furniture that they can actually raise a family around, stain resistant fabric is a must.

  •  4) One of a kind

Despite the uncertain economic climate of 2017, bespoke, hand made items will always be in demand thanks to the flexibility and quality of this type of furniture. Everyone is seeking that perfect elusive piece that will make their friends jealous, and as a furniture manufacturer you can certainly deliver

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