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3 Interesting Trends for Joiners this year

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This week, I thought I would keep to the recent theme of ‘Industry Fashions’ for joiners and other related specialists, including of course interior designers. Or, even if you are just busy working on your own home and like to keep abreast of trends’. NB take note of the PS at the end of this blog. It will make you cringe😵  but it is a very important safety message


There’s no quiet time for carpenters and joiners throughout the year, as customers will always want things done to their own schedules, and there will always be projects that need to be tidied up. But in the midst of the madness, it’s important to take a moment to think about what this year holds for the joinery sphere, and what the key trends are.

Preparing for the future

Preparing for the Future

The words technology and joinery aren’t usually used in the same sentence, but this year sees the interior design world flooded with smart technology. It is for this reason that everywhere from offices to homes are looking to ‘future proof’ their spaces to prepare for the onslaught of technology. More flexible areas will be popular, including modular seating and desks, and moveable pods and meeting spaces that are casual and multi-purpose to help creativity flow. Furniture that has more than one use will see a rise in popularity too.

Using every available space

Using every available space

Rents are rising and space is at a premium, but luckily this means that bespoke joinery is in more demand than ever. Increasingly customers wanting to make use of every available space in their homes with inbuilt wardrobes, alcove and under-the-stair storage and smart solutions that are hidden inside existing furniture for maximum impact.


Taking a restI

In the world of workspaces, break rooms, meditation rooms and lounging spaces will be the order of the day, with comfortable, quirky looking furniture that creates a peaceful and restful atmosphere. Look out for large tables and workspaces for spreading out work on, and bench seating in communal areas to encourage social interaction.Chairs and Tables

Chairs and Tables

Hope this article has been useful for you. We feel it is an advantage to know what customers are preferring in this ever changing world

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