Home Improvement: You’ve set up your home workshop either in the garage or hidden away in the garden - whiling away the hours creating thought inspiring projects your friends and family will love to admire and talk about enthusiastically at coming parties.

The aroma of newly cut wood fills the air and your newly purchased nail gun or staple gun makes the completion of your creative thoughts a breeze. We even stock the most amazing Supermend invisible bonding powder, which can be used for numerous projects

Welcome to the home of Stapling and Nailing equipment – Already have an air nailer or stapler? We can advise and supply the correct fasteners – Not yet a user? Then pick our brains on 033 8000 345 and we’ll point you in the right direction subject to your application, usage and of course creative dreams. If you look through our range, we even have an Easi Kit, everything you need to start off in the world of stapling and nailing 

This site is set up for you to easily purchase your tool and fastenings. Still unsure? You can call us on 0333 8000 345 or ask a question through Chuck’s contact formso you can talk to a specialist….and let's talk creative home projects!