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6 Top Trends For Wooden Floors

'Most people are choosing solid hardwood floors which will last over 100 years'

6 Top Trends For Wooden Floors 

It’s never a bad time to think about what trends and styles will make an appearance over the coming months. Have a look at our top trends for wooden floors below to see what will be big this year.

Dark and cool tones:

In terms of wood colour, dark and cool tones continue to grow as a big trend for wooden floors. Over the past few years we have moved away from warm tones like reds, yellows and browns and more towards the richer, darker and cooler greys. Dark woods are harder to keep clean, and that’s where the cooler tones become more successful.

6 Top Trends For Wooden Floors

Natural Finishes:

Low lustre, matte and satin finishes will see a rise in popularity this year over semi-gloss and gloss finishes which are hard to maintain.

Environmentally friendly finishes:

More environmentally friendly high-grade polyurethanes are a more expensive, but more durable finish for wooden floors which are becoming a preferable choice.

Solid Hardwood Floors:

Forget cheap engineered wood or bamboo, most people are choosing solid hardwood floors which will last over 100 years. A great investment to improve the value of your home, hardwood floors can be sanded, and refinished in new colours are trends and styles change of the years, making them versatile.

Rustic Farmhouse:

Farmhouse chic is the key style and rustic, authentic looking wooden floors will follow suit. Expect to see distressed wood, different width planks, natural look knots and graining, giving your wooden floor a unique twist.

6 Top Trends For Wooden Floors

Wide Planks:

Now we will see wider planks than ever for wooden floors as they make your space look larger, make modern homes look more modern and older homes look more rustic. Forget skinny planks, and embrace a wider plank.

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