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Conical Galvanised Coil Nails (22-50mm)

Conical Galvanised Coil Nails (22-50mm)

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Conical Galvanised Coil Nails (22-50mm)

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Introducing Galvanised Conical Coil Nails! These are flat-top wire-collated coil nails that when wound together look like a domed ring. The Conical Galvanised Coil Nails are perfect for use in short-term projects such as pallet making and packaging manufacture. If you’re looking for something more durable and suitable for outdoor projects then investing in the anti-rust Stainless Steel Conical Coil Nails is a must!

Designed with a diamond point, the 2.1 thickness on the nails are one of the thinnest on offers, meaning the wood is safe from splitting. These Conical Coil Nails are available in lengths from 22mm to 50mm. Here you will find the Coil Nailers to use with these nails. Be sure to double check your nailer holds Conical Coil Nails and not flat topped! We don’t want any jams!

Some Suitable Uses

  • Pallet manufacture
  • Packaging and Shipping containers
  • Indoor projects


The Galvanised Conical Coil Nails are available in 22mm, 27mm, 32mm, 38mm, 45mm and 50mm lengths. All lengths come in boxes of 14,400.

Some Alternative Brand Codes

If you’ve already got some coil nails but not sure if they’re the same as these ones, here are a few matching codes from different brands:



If you have any questions about this these galvanised coil nails or any other products on our site, why not drop us a message. Or if you want an instant response, give us a call on 0333 8000 345.

Check out our video below comparing conical and flat coil nails to see which is best for you!


Suitable Tools

Tacwise 2.1 Conical Mini Coil Nailer (22-50mm) DCN50LHH

Trusty 2.1 Conical Coil Nailer (27-50mm) TCN50

Makita AN504

Max Coil Nailer CN452S

Spotnails Coil Nailer SCN45/ SFN19

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