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Arrow Cable Staplers

Hi Chuck again,

This week we are looking at Arrow’s cable staplers – the T59 and Arrow T72

T59 and T72 Cable Staplers

Cable Staplers – T59 (left) and T72 (right)

First Impression

They look just like any other stapler on the market but it’s only when you see the staple that you realise the difference with these tools. Designed with the professional installer in mind these staplers are ideal for RG5/RG6, CAT5 and various other types of cabling.

These staplers fire a special fastener which has a plastic bridge which ensures a robust fixing without damaging or crimping the wire/cable. So when you are in that sweltering loft space or cramped in a small space under a caravan you can fasten cables quickly and securely in double fast time!

T59 and T72 Cable Staples

Left: T59 Cables Staples Centre and Right: T72 Cable Staples


Whether it’s TV cable, computer cable, alarm wire, low voltage wire, caravan/motorhome service and repair these tools are a must to save time money.

T59  and T72 being used

(left) T59 on cable (centre) T59 in action (right) T72 on cable

Another very reliable tool produced by Arrow Fasteners deserving a respectable 4 Star Rating.

Chuck rating 4

Until next week.

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