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T59 Cable Staples

T59 Cable Staples

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T59 Cable Staples  

P Clips no more! 

Presenting our all-in-one solution to fixing cables – the T59 Cable Staples! These are a thick wired, flat top staple with a plastic bridge on the inside. This plastic bridge means that your cables will not be damaged or cut into too, while the metal staple around the plastic means that you still get a strong hold and your cables will stay in place. Particularly useful for applications such as caravans, trailers, motor-homes or camper-vans.  

While there are numerous types of cable staples, the famous specialist T59 staples in particular are great for fixing data cables. Or any application where there are a lot of cables that need to be fastened down, the T59 is also ideal as their crown width is only either 6mm or 8mm and is therefore not bulky and obvious. If you’re looking for something with wider cable staples size, take a look at the T72 Cable Staples which has a crown width of either 12mm or 15mm.


The 6mm x 6mm T59 Staples, and the 8mm x 8mm T59 Staples both come in boxes of 300. Designed specifically  for use  with the Arrow T52 Stapler  

If you have any questions for our Stapling and Nailing experts, don’t hesitate to get in contact. You can call the office on 0333 8000 345 or alternatively you can send us a message using our contact form.  

To see the T59 Cable Staples in action compared to the T72 Cable Staples, take a look at our video below! 



  • Ideal for fixing CAT5/CAT6 cable
  • Caravan and Campervan repairs and manufacturing 
  • Trailers or just about any application that requires data cable fixing


Suitable tool

Arrow T59 Hand Staple Gun T59

Arrow T72 Hand Staple Gun T72

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