How to clean and maintain a cordless tool

Cleaning & Maintaining Cordless Gas Nailers

In line with our other maintenance and safety blogs. In particular 3 Tips for Nailing Down the Need for safety. Where the focus on the importance of looking after tools so they look after you! Here I examine how to best clean and maintain Gas Nail Guns. 

Gas Air tools provide a excellent choice for when working on site when air and power is not available. These types of tools are by the nature of design prone to firing problems – this could be out of date gas fuel cells or lack of regular maintenance/cleaning.

Let’s look at regularly checking the tool to eliminate these potential on site mishaps.

Firstly remove battery, gas fuel cell and fasteners – read any procedure material that may have been supplied with your tool.

  • Remove head cap bolts (Normally four) but this can vary depending on manufacturer and model. In this head cap you will find the filter which can be cleaned using the supplied cleaning spray or brake cleaner (Works out cheaper) Wipe this clean with a lint-free cloth or blow through with compressed air.


  • Next, you need to disconnect leads from the fan motor and spark plug giving you access to the cylinder head assembly. Again consult any supplied manuals as this may be removed by rotating slightly before removal. Be very careful to not damage the very delicate fan blade.


  • Spray the head assembly liberally with cleaner and remove debris with either a lint-free cloth or compressed air if available.


  • Next move on to the main cylinder and piston driver assembly. Push the piston driver to the base of the cylinder so you can again liberally apply the cleaning fluid to all the exposed areas. Remove debris and carbon deposits with a lint-free cloth or compressed air – this may have to be repeated to remove stubborn carbon deposits. When clean apply the oil lubricant placing a few drops around the cylinder wall and then manually move the piston driver up and down to evenly distribute the lubricant.


  • Apply lubricant to any O Rings using your fingers to evenly distribute and then rebuild ensuring all electrical leads are connected properly.


  • After re-assembly of the tool, you may (after this cleaning process) see a little smoke on testing the tool – don’t worry this is perfectly normal but consult the manufacturer if this persists.

Cleaning gas tools on a regular basis will definitely eliminate a lot of regular problems we see with gas nailers. Although I’ve been quite general in the above procedures, the principal is the same with most makes and models.

We here at My Tool Kit, have chosen to opt for listing the Paslode Cordless Nailers and Staplers as this brand is the all-round customer favourite.

Hope this article was informative and helpful and I’ll speak to you all soon.

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Cleaning & Maintaining Cordless Gas Nailers


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