Nailing Down the Need for Safety- 3 Tips

Nailing Down the Need for Safety- 3 Tips

Happy March to you!

This week, I thought I would present some solid safety tips for our customers who work with wood.

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3 Safety Tips for Bespoke Joiners:

It will come as no surprise that the woodworking industry has one of the highest accident rates in all areas of manufacturing thanks to the high powered and dangerous machinery and tools that are used in this industry. Coming into contact with moving machinery such as saws and lathes causes most of these accidents, but if the right precautions are taken, then the risk can be dramatically reduced. Here are a few tips that bespoke joiners and carpenters can follow to keep things safe.

Assess your Workshop/Garage/Shed

Your workshop itself is full of dangers, so make sure that you take the time to check for any potential hazards that could cause a problem. Keeping your work areas clean is a start, as dust and off-cuts can often hide awaiting dangers.

Another thing that you can do to make sure that you are being as safe as possible is to keep up to date with each piece of machinery and its particular safeguards, a full list of machinery and how to use them safely can be found on the Health and Safety Executive’s website here. Also this is a link to staple and nail guns safety practice

Training is key

You may be in charge of a large team of joiners, so make sure that each and every one of them is constantly being tested on their safety knowledge, and that they are fully trained in how to use the machinery and tools involved in working with wood.

Make sure your paperwork is up to date

Depending on the type of work you do, having the correct paperwork is key to making sure that safety standards are being met in your business. Only low-level health surveillance is needed for general wood dust, but beware, high-level health surveillance is needed for exposure to high-risk woods like Western Red Cedar. You will also need to give all employees written instructions on how to use any machinery regardless of what training they might have.

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