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9 Stylish Black Kitchen Designs. Put you off white?

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Well what a wonderful sunny week it has been here at Stapling and Nailing (MyToolKit) headquarters. Off to North Wales for the weekend, so fingers crossed the forecast is true and the sun will shine for us there too. 😎

Black or white? or one of the rainbow of colours/shades on offer? how will it all look ? what  colours coordinate? whats in a colour family? Decisions decisions! Clever design is the foundation of any colour combination we settle for, and that's the clever bit......

9 Stylish Black Kitchen Designs. Put you off white?




How far we have come since the days of a sink, cooker and table were the essentials in the kitchen department. 🏳️9 Stylish Black Kitchen Designs. Put you off white?







Apparently black kitchens are in! just when I thought they were out! what do I know, clearly, not much !?! I guess you will be ahead of me on this one though. As I only know about nail guns and staple guns!  😊


Where Interiors are concerned, expert Vanessa Arbuthnott is quoted as saying ' We have learnt simplicity, light and clean lines form the Scandinavians but I think this trend for black kitchens is more from a "boutique hotel" led trend, because darkness is aligned with luxury'

Either way, I this article from the Daily Mail Online makes an interesting read, what ever you are up to.

Oh and if you like how Black and White works and want to extend the look to outside. This article will interest you: Stylish and Affordable  Black and White Out door Decor . I do like those Light Spiral Filament String Lights.

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Take care for now and have a great bank holiday weekend...






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