How to Choose between the Bostitch Plier Manual or Bostitch Air Plier?

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Bostitch Plier Manual or Bostitch Air Plier?

Welcome back to another one of our handy review articles on the latest trends, tips and tricks from the stapling and nailing world.

Today’s blog is a review and showcase of the Stanley Bostitch Manual, and 2 Air Powered Stapling Pliers

First things first!

Are Bostitch Tools Known for Quality? 

OK, let’s talk a little about Stanley Bostitch. Bostitch is one of those classic brands, and many people know them by name – but they haven’t lost their quality over the years! Founded in America in 1896 by Thomas Briggs, Bostitch started out manufacturing stitching machines. Then, in 1922, they manufactured the first stapler that drove what we’d consider ‘the modern staple’ – they have always been trailblazers in the industry. These days, Bostitch is regarded highly in the business as a supplier of quality, durable and efficient tools. We have a great selection of them here at My Toolkit too – so you don’t have to look far!

"Bostitch Industrial offers manual and pneumatic staplers for everyday professional use"

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Horses for courses - we all have different requirements!

Items to be reviewed:

  1. Stanley Bostitch Hand Plier (P6C-8)
  2. Stanley Bostitch Pneumatic Plier (JB600)
  3. Stanley Bostitch Pneumatic Plier (P51-10B-E) 

Now to the good stuff!

We have three different Bostitch Stapling Pliers on offer here at My Toolkit.

The manual version and two different air-powered options. We do like to give you choices!

We’re going to take you through each tool, its pros, cons and uses and give our final verdict. Hopefully, you can use this handy guide to figure out if a Bostitch Plier is right for you.

1) Bostitch Manual Stapling Plier P6C-8:

For times when you want a no-fuss solution for your stapling and nailing troubles, manual tools are always the way to go. Benefits include:

  • No compressor
  • No electrical cables
  • Not forgetting to charge batteries... because there aren't any!

This manual hand plier gives you that peace of mind – all you need is the plier and your hands - easy as that!

P6C-8 is used as:

The perfect partner for hand-stapling plastic, cardboard and even canvas. Now, don’t get us wrong, this isn’t the most powerful plier out of the three. It is designed for DIY and low-strength work. Perfect for a home workshop or even for just keeping around the house for odd jobs. Of course, due to its manual operation, this is also the cheapest Bostitch stapling plier on the shelves.

Stanley Bostitch plier for domestic use

This hand tool is still a durable piece of equipment, it has hardened steel components for when you are using it for stronger material. But this strength in the clinch does not backfire with strain on your wrists, which can happen with some manual tools. The P6C-8 is not only lightweight, coming in at less than half a kilogram, but it also has an easy-squeeze bearing system – this means no strain but still secure staple placements. All you need to do is get some STR5019 Staples to fit in, and you can get on with your projects.

2) Bostitch Air Stapling Plier JB600

So, if you’re looking for a stapling plier with a little more kick than the P6C-8 manual version, the JB600 Air Plier will most certainly be more suitable for you.

While this air plier is also designed for use with :

  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Paper
  • Canvas
  • Sealing Cards
  • Fabric

......its air powering gives an extra boost to the stapling power. Meaning stapling more materials at a faster rate – who doesn’t love efficiency? 

Stanley Bostitch plier for sealing cards

Also, if you’re looking for something easy to use, the air operation takes away any wrist strain that you may encounter with a manual tool.

Just as with the hand driven P6C-8, the JB600 pneumatic has a coated magazine for a smoother staple reload. 

This air version is slightly heavier (obviously), weighing in at just over 1kg – but that’s still reasonable lightweight for a tool! Pair this JB600 again with the STR5019 Staples to get a perfect plier match!

3) Bostitch Air Stapling Plier P51-10B-E

And now we have something that is relatively new to us! The Bostitch P51-10B-E has been around for a while – and wow are we impressed! This is another air-powered plier, but this tool definitely packs a little more of a punch than the JB600. This plier can take on the bigger jobs including:

  • Carton lids and trays
  • Sealing end caps for postal and storage tubes. This is the big league's kids! 
    Pliers for carboard and packaging

With so many application possibilities, and with the P51-10B-E weighing in at little over 2kg, it is definitely suited for a more industrial environment than our other Bostitch pliers.

All of these great features do mean that it comes with a heavier price tag, but premium prices for a premium tool – and what a premium tool it is!

In addition to its already great features, what draws a lot of people to this particular air plier is the option of a C-anvil attachment that can be added on. This is used for specialist carton closing when a jaw clinch isn’t an option.

A point to remember when choosing which Bostitch air plier:

Hand Tools:

BOSTITCH® Hand Tools are made strong, durable and built to last. Our hand tools have been job-site tested to meet the professional's needs in rugged environments.

Source: (

In summary:

There you have it – a quick overview of our three fantastic Bostitch Stapling Pliers. There are many things to take into consideration, such as application and price, or for some, weight and power type may be more important. Whatever your priorities, we hope that this helps you chose which Bostitch Stapling Plier is right for you.

If you would like any more information on the tools, the P6C-8 and the JB600 have all of the specifications on their product pages. But if you would like some more information on the P51-10B-E, then drop us a message here.

See you in the next blog!

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