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Stanley Bostitch

Galvanised Power-Crown Staples

Galvanised Power-Crown Staples

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Stanley Bostitch STCR Powerslam/Power Crown Staples.

Presenting our STCR staples, some of Stanley Bostitch’s finest fasteners! These fine wire staples have a power-crown – meaning their crown slightly curves upwards. You might think, “that doesn’t sound like a good idea” but trust us, it helps! As these staples are for use with our fantastic range of Bostitch pliers, the domed staples help the plier to close the staples more securely. This will give you a better and longer lasting hold – told you it was a good idea!

Pair these sturdy staples with either the Bostitch P6C-8 Manual Stapler, or the Stanley Bostitch Bostitch JB600 Air Stapling Plier (depending on which suits you more) and you’ll be stapling away in no time. You can then use the perfect pairing to staple plastic, paper, canvas and cardboard.


If you need to get in contact with one of our stapling and nailing experts, you can always message them here. Alternatively, you can call them on 0333 8000 345. They’re always happy to help with queries.

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