Colour trends for summer houses. Know how. From MyToolKIt

Colour trends for summer houses. Know how. From MyToolKIt

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Top Colour Trends for Summer Houses

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Unlike your own house, an outdoor summer house can give you license for all sorts of bold and beautiful colour schemes, the days nice and long and the sun is making more of an appearance (for some of the time!) It’s time to start thinking about what colours you’d like to adorn your summer house. Bonus is that you will it better protected ready for the winter. 

If you would like your outdoor building to blend in with the scenery, Pantone colours ‘Greenery’ and ‘Kale’ are big this year. A bold, yet slightly muted green, and a dark dusky green respectively, pair either of these shades with the pinky beige of ‘Hazelnut’ for a subtle, yet springy look. ‘Greenery’ is actually the Pantone 2017 Colour of the Year, you will see this colour in quite a lot of places; especially in the garden.

However, if bold is your thing, then the vibrancy of ‘Flame’, sunniness of ‘Primrose Yellow’ and daring of hot pink ‘Pink Yarrow’ can all make for an interesting accent of colour for window sills, doors and trims. However, if subtlety is more your thing, then try ‘Pale Dogwood’ for a rosy peach finish that is stylish, yet inoffensive.

To give your summer house a touch of modern class, without going overboard with bright colours, then ‘Niagara’ has to be our top pick. A deep blue, with a sandy muted undertone, this is Pantone’s top pick for this year. and if you picture this colour next to the vibrant greens of your garden, then we can certainly see why! A rich, pigmented colour which compliments absolutely anything it’s placed next to, this is the ideal shade for everything from summer houses and sheds, to benches and fences. Plus, if you like the cooler tones of blues, then the pale ‘Island Paradise’ and deep ‘Lapis Blue’ make great complimentary accent colours for a bit of a change to your outdoor scenery.


Hope you have found this information informative. 

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Colour trends for summer houses. Know how. From MyToolKIt


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