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Hi there,
Just a quick tip one from us here at MyToolkit, this time regarding compressor use. Now we're asked this question an a regular basis and that is "What PSI should I set my compressor at?!".
Don't worry though people, we've got you covered.
First and foemost, let me say that if you've purchased one of our 'Easy Kits', you don't need to worry about compressor pressure at all. We set-up and test your entire kit before despatching so you can rest assured that all is in working order.
Now that's out of the way, lets jump into the detail...
Compressor Pressure Recommendation
To keep it as simple as possible...
👉 Avg. 90 PSI for fine-medium wire staplers & brad nailers.
👉 Avg. 110 PSI for Farming/Coil Nailers & Heavy Duty Staplers.
Just remember these are averages - We always recommend that you do a little bit of trial and error to find exactly how low the air pressure will go whilst still fully sinking the fastener. If your pressure is too high, your tool's internals will wear at a much quicker rate and therefore fail sooner 👍
So, if theres anything you take from this article it should be...
🎵 how low can you go? Can you down low? All the way to the floor? 🎵
Just for interest, the gaffer did some reviews on compressors some time ago. The few that we we decided to keep on our range, were/are Sencos, Stanley Bostich's, Ace & K's and Draper's - all oil free and ranged from economy to high end to suit all budgets.
Senco 3.8 Litre Oil Free Compressor  Bostitch 6 Litre Rollcage Compressor 240V MRC6-U   
Take care for now
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