How to start-up in industry - Easy Kits

How to start-up in industry - Easy Kits

How to get an all-in-one solution to your stapling and nailing problems. A regular phone call that we get often get goes something like... “Help! I need everything!”. So, many moons ago, we sat down at MyToolkit HQ and brainstormed ideas to come up with a solution that would help those in need. 
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Guide on different pressure settings on compressors by mytoolkit

Compressor, pressure ? ⚙️

Just a quick tip from us here at Stapling and Naiing Supplies this week, around the use of compressors with air tools. We get asked about this on a regular basis. Pressure Power!
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Mytoolkit video on how to service your air compressor

How to Care for and Maintain your Compressor

Hope all is well….

This week we thought we'd offer some advice on how to look after air compressors - to help you get more life out of yours.

For the sake of a few checks you can avoid break downs or inefficient usage!

Before you check your compressor, make sure to disconnect the compressor for the power source!! During every day use, ensure you follow the 3 steps as follows.....

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mytoolkit shares tips on how to maintain your air compressor

Care of your Air Compressor

Hi Chuck again, I’d like to talk a little this week about general care and maintenance of your compressor. It tends in many workshops to get overlooked until something goes wrong and yes you guessed it………it’ll be when you have
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Bostitch portable air compressor review by mytoolkit

Bostitch 240V 6L Compressor MRC6-U

A good reliable portable compressor, the Bostitch MRC6-U  is designed in a Roll Cage construction. The Roll Cage consists of a framework that helps protect the gauges and regulator, which is an important feature if you are the professional on
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Senco portable air compressor review by mytoolkit

Senco Portable Air Compressor

We are regularly asked about portable air compressors and we are today looking at such a model that fits the bill. On the Senco range we have the portable PC1010N model that has the power for upholstery staplers/brad nailers and
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A review of our senco easy compressor kits by mytoolkit

Behold! Its The Senco Easy Kits

Hi, Chuck here, What can you really get in a box? Well this week, I’ve decided to bring to your attention our very popular Senco Combi Kits or as we all at MyToolkit call ‘Easy Kits’ and the gaffer, Steve
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