Electric Combination Stapler for around £40. Cant be bad!

May 19, 2017 1 Comment

Arrow budget electric stapler feature by mytoolkit

Arrow Electric Staple Gun

Following last weeks 'Tool Fest' I was sorting through our warehouse the other day, when this tool just jumped out at me!. These Combination Staplers really are good value and great electric staplers. Less than 40 squid! and no you don't need a compressor

Ideal for fine fabrics and leather. Multi use, as it fires 140 Staples and 18 Gauge Brads. So just a quick over view for you this week. Thinking with another bank holiday on the way that this tool is certainly suitable and very handy around the house. 🏡 Could assist with some of those jobs that just aren't going away...Or you could just get creative with an upholstery project. NB we only have a few of these left and once they are gone they are gone!

A reminder of the link to this Arrow 140 Series Stapler  Type 140 Staplesto fit (also in stainless steel)

Maestri ME 4000

18 Gauge Brads  will also fire through this tool. 18 Gauge brads are even available in stainless steel.Options eh!l.

Until next time, enjoy your week and good luck with those jobs!

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Sarman Sorn
Sarman Sorn

December 06, 2017

A informative article help every blog reader. Yahh this is true it is really important and innovative article also. Electric stapler is office stationary product. So it is easily complete your working.

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