140 Series Stainless Steel Staples

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140 Series Stainless Steel Staples 

Prevents rust, corrosion and customer complaints!  

Here we have the 140 Series Stainless Steel Staples – a perfect addition to your stapling arsenal. These are flat staples with a 10.6mm Crown Width which are specially designed to help secure your materials without scoring or unnecessarily ripping through them. These stainless steel upholstery staples are a great choice for beginners too. 

As soon as you match these staples with one of our fantastic 140 Series tools, you’ll be on a roll! To make these staples even better, they are made of Grade 304 Stainless Steel. Your projects will be protected against rust and blackening with these staples – a must for outdoor work, work in damp environments, and working with high tannin woods! In the battle of stainless steel vs galvanised staples...stainless steel always wins! If you’re looking for your next upholstery favourite, then why not give these 140 Series Staples a go – you won’t regret it!  

The Stainless Steel Staples 8mm are the most popular in the 140 Series family!

Some Suitable Uses 

  • Breathable membrane  
  • Furniture upholstery 
  • Canvas work 


 140 Series Stainless Steel Staples 6mm, 8mm and 10mm lengths are available. All lengths come in boxes of 1,000 staples.  

Some Alternative Brand Codes 

In our confusing industry, some brands have different names for the same sized stapled. Here is a short list of the alternative names for the 140 Series: 

ARROW – T50 / OMER – T50 / PREBENA – PF / SENCO – H / TACWISE – 140 

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