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When and Where to Use a Corrugated Nailer

Here we are again with yet another blog overflowing with valuable stapling & nailing information. The topic of conversation this time is the highly effective Corrugated Fastener(s). Sometimes, confusion can arise with concern to when and where these tools are used - but don't worry, that's why we're here and no question is ever a silly question. So, why not save this article somewhere safe and pull it out again when you're in need of a new tool. Who knows, the specialist FCF15XCB-C might be exactly what you need.

These 'wriggly' fixings are great as an alternative to screws, nails or adhesives when it comes to for specialist joinery such as dowel or biscuit mitred joints.


Theatre sets might be a more specific use but overall these are ideal for frames in general. Take a look at this video below which demonstrates how these tools can be used to successfully fix a window casement.

Primarily used for bringing 2 pieces of wood together, strips of Corrugated Galvanized Fasteners are available in sizes 9, 12 and 15mm. You can adjust the tool to accommodate for size. It's also worth noting that these funny looking fixings are sometimes referred to as 'Wriggly Nails' or 'Dogs' - bizzare names... we know!

Before purchasing, please please please make sure you load them correctly! If they're loaded the wrong way you'll likely damage the driver blade of the tool - see Steves explanation below.

Corrugated fastener



We supply both the Omer Corrugated Fastener (CF15A) and the Tacwise Corrugated Fastener (FCF15XCB-C). As always, both tools are work-horses in their own right - the Tacwise better for DIY & lighter use where as the Omer we'd reccomend for production line heavy usage.

Tacwise Corrugated Fastener (9-15mm) FCF15XCB Tacwise Corrugated Fastener (9-15mm) FCF15XCB framing in a workshop Tacwise Corrugated Fastener FCF15XCB  (9-15mm) fastening trellis This product works with these ..... Tacwise Corrugated Fastener (9-15mm) FCF15XCB-COmer Corrugated Fastener (9-15mm) CF15A

Don't forget that if you have any more specific, pressing enquiries, let us know and we will do our best tyo assist. You can email us at info@mytoolkit.co.uk or alternatively, call us on 0333 8000 345

Take care for now .

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