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Corrugated Fasteners

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Corrugated Fasteners

The wriggly dogs of the trade!

That may sound slightly strange, but ‘dogs’ or ‘wriggly nails’ are nicknames for Corrugated Fasteners. These are oddly shaped corrugated nails meaning tthat they are used for drawing together two pieces of wood, for instance in Mitered Joints and Butt Joints. One side of the nail is sharp while the other is blunt. You can also use these Corrugated Nails for picture frames and the window framing industry.

A strip of red dye runs across the blunt edge to indicate that is the side to place against the driver. Though these Corrugated Fasteners are available in lengths of 9mm, 12mm and 15mm, the width of the nail stays the same at 25mm (1 inch). Take a look at our Omer and Tacwise Corrugated Fastener Tools to match the nails – two great choices!


9mm Corrugated Fasteners come in boxes of 2,000 nails. 12mm Corrugated Fasteners come in boxes of 1,750 nails. 15mm Corrugated Fasteners come in boxes of 1,500 nails.


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While you’re here, take a look at our short video showing you the Corrugated Fasteners up close!