Latest trends for garden buildings. Know how. From My Tool Kit

Latest trends for garden buildings. Know how. From My Tool Kit

Before we know it, the sun wont be shining as much (who knows though, after the August we have had so far it may even be nicer in November ☔  ) so we need to ensure that our out side furniture and decor is well protected.....and then there's the idea of having an outdoor 'hide out' for use all year round !! 🏡

Who knows you may want to move in to your shed 😋 Might not be a bad idea if its a pub! 

Following on from last weeks informational post on Current Colour Trends for Summer Houses. I thought you may enjoy reading about how garden buildings in general are often being transformed these days.


Sheds, cabins, summer houses, whatever we want to call them, the humble garden building is a true British staple (forgive the pun) . However, gone are the days where a shed is just a little wooden lean-to that houses a few tools and a barbecue, sheds are big business, and they are now more popular than ever. Selling garden buildings as something more than the classic ‘shed’ is the key to making these buildings big.


Whether it’s made from wood, concrete or glass, there are many uses for a garden building, and here are just a few that will be popular in the near future.




With house prices through the roof, it’s now becoming more and more useful for people to convert their existing garden sheds, or even to build new ones so that they can have a whole extra ‘room’ for their house. Whether it’s an artist’s studio, a beauty salon, or a home office, a garden shed can be someone’s own personal getaway from the real world.




Believe it or not, garden buildings are getting more and more substantial, and you can quite easily turn a lowly shed into a fully functioning guesthouse or ‘granny flat’ for guests to stay in for a night or two. Running water, plumbing and heating are all facilities which can be integrated to make your customer’s little ‘guesthouse’ stand out from the crowd.




A tool shed may be practical, but what is more tempting than your own pub at the end of your garden? Bar optics, some inventive joinery and creative décor can recreate a traditional pub theme and inject a bit of fun into what could easily be seen as a boring garden shed, making it the talking point of the whole street.




Whether they’ve got moody teenagers, or a grumpy husband in the house, a top of the range, fully decked out man-cave or den could be the answer to your customer’s prayers. Fridges, entertainment systems and comfy seating will transform a standard shed into a little bit of paradise.




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