Lets talk about the 14 series stapler from MyToolkit blog

Lets Talk about The 14 series Stapler

When You Would Use a 14 series Stapler

At last, I hear the Stapler users Say! The beginnings of our tool posters for Staplers!

Starting with the 14 Series.

A question which often comes up in the world of Staplers. Is will a staple gun go through wood? well in this case the answer is yes. Furniture and bed frames, Sign Making, Exhibition Work, Sheds, Theatre Building. This tool delivers a heavy duty staple which is quite narrow across the crown, enabling it to be an ideal Framing Staple Gun. Which is where this tool comes in to its own. 

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Unsure of how to adjust a staple gun like this or how to load a stapler. See this older, yet informative video review we did on on a 14 Series Tool:


Learn more about  14 Series Staples to operate these tools:

                                     14 Series Staples

Where and how to use these heavy duty staplers:

We have chosen to supply two key brands in this series. Tacwise and BeA, Offering budget friendly to high end options.  


Until next time...when we will take a look at 17 Series Staple Guns

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