The art of the 17 Series Stapler from mytoolkit

The art of the 17 Series Stapler

Where to use a 17 Series Stapler

Here we are again with the 2nd in our Poster Series of Staple Guns.

The 17 Series Stapler. People often struggle to understand the difference between this and the 14 Series Stapler, as they are both known as heavy duty. In fact last weeks blog was dedicated to the 14 Series Staple Gun Types. Lets Talk about the 14 Series Stapler. 

I think the main point here is that the 14 Series delivers narrower Staples, which are ideal for framing. Where as the 17 Series operates Wide Crown Staples.

                              14 narrow crown & 17 wide crown

Suitable uses include: stapling packaging materials to wooden pallets. Shingle on roofs, shop fitting and attaching lining to planters.

Save this image or blog for the day you may need it. 

What can I do with a 17 Series Stapler?

You can always request a PDF version of this infograph by dropping us a line here.

Take a look at Steve demonstrating this tool type here in this 90 second video:

Something else for you to save as the following blog is one we did some time ago and will sure to be useful to you at anytime in the future.

Care and Maintenance of your Stapler. Anything that helps get more life out of the tools, has got to be good; I say. 

Interesting that out of the 9 brands we supply, the powers that be have chosen to stock the Tacwise tool only:

Tacwise 17 Series Wide Crown Stapler (19-38mm) based on value for money, customer feedback and performance.


                                  Tacwise 71 series wide crown stapler


That being said if you have a favourite other, just ask as we should be able to order it.

Plenty for you to take on board so ta ra for now and look out for the next weeks Infograph on the highly popular (for upholstery)  71 Series Stapler

Ta ra for now

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