Nailing Down the Need for Safety- 3 Tips

Nailing Down the Need for Safety- 3 Tips

This week, I thought I would offer some safety tips for any one working with wood. As we are know many of our customers do one way or another, so please take note

3 Safety Tips for Bespoke Joiners:

It will come as no surprise that the woodworking industry has one of the highest accident rates in all areas of manufacturing thanks to the high powered and dangerous machinery and tools that are used in this industry. Coming into contact with moving machinery such as saws and lathes causes most of these accidents, but if the right precautions are taken, then the risk can be dramatically reduced. Here are a few tips that bespoke joiners and carpenters can follow to keep things safe.

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MyToolkit guide on servicing your air stapler

Easy Guide on How to Service Your Air Staple Gun

Thought I'd dig out an instructional this week on how to service your air stapler. It's such an important thing that everyone with an air tool should know! Hope you all enjoy!
  • Firstly, ensure you have a clean, dry air and correct air pressure

Too high air pressure will cause the damper to break up. Too low air pressure will not allow the driver of the tool to return.

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Mytoolkit video on how to service your air compressor

How to Care for and Maintain your Compressor

Hope all is well….

This week we thought we'd offer some advice on how to look after air compressors - to help you get more life out of yours.

For the sake of a few checks you can avoid break downs or inefficient usage!

Before you check your compressor, make sure to disconnect the compressor for the power source!! During every day use, ensure you follow the 3 steps as follows.....

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How to Replace a Bumper in a Stapler - VIDEO

How to Replace a Bumper in a Stapler - VIDEO

We often get customers phone in to say that the driver blade is pushing out of the nose from the tool. They often think that they should grind it back.

Caution! Don’t do THAT … as it could be a broken bumper.

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How to clean and maintain a cordless tool

Cleaning & Maintaining Cordless Gas Nailers

Gas tools are excellent for site work where air and power is not available. These types of tools are by the nature of design prone to firing problems – this could be out of date gas fuel cells or lack of regular maintenance/cleaning.

Stanley Bostitch First Fix Gas Nailer Being Used on Site

Gas Nailer Being Used on Site

Let’s look at regularly checking the tool to eliminate these potential on site mishaps.


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mytoolkit shares tips on how to maintain your air compressor

Care of your Air Compressor

Hi Chuck again, I’d like to talk a little this week about general care and maintenance of your compressor. It tends in many workshops to get overlooked until something goes wrong and yes you guessed it………it’ll be when you have
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mytoolkit guide on looking after your air brad nailer

Care and Maintenance of Your Brad Nailer

Hi Chuck again,

In tandem with a previous posting on how to “Care and Maintenance of Your Stapler” I thought I’d write a few lines on the care of your Brad Nailer.

I’d like to reiterate that running your air tool at the correct air pressure and lubricating the tool with air tool oil is good basic practice (If you do not have an inline oiler just add a couple of drops via the air line fitting on the tool) ....

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Care and Maintenance Of Your Stapler

Care and Maintenance Of Your Stapler

In sync with our safety series of blogs, specifically Safety Systems on Staple Guns and Nail Guns. Along with 10 important tips for Safer use of Staplers and Nailers.

I wanted now to cover a topic which is raised many times by our customers. I don’t want to get too detailed, but I’d like to cover some basic fundamentals so you can care for and identify some basic problems that may occur with your stapler.

First and foremost, before looking at the stapler please ensure you have your air pressure is set correctly and as the air is as dry as possible. 

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