Nothing does it like a 71 Series Upholstery Stapler

Nothing does it like a 71 Series Upholstery Stapler

How and When to use a 71 Series Upholstery Stapler

Following on from the last 2 weeks Tool Posters on the 14 and 17 series tools. This week we examine the 71 Series Staple Gun. Arguably the most popular tool used for upholstery and DIY.

Tool owners often approach us with the following questions: " What Stapler to use for Upholstery"." Do I need an air, electric or hand stapler" "can you use a staple gun on wood" 

And.... so we put this useful blog together:

                              3 tips when buying a stapler

The poster outlines many of the applications for this tool type.

71 Series Stapler


More things to consider before deciding where to purchase tools from:

                              tips when choosing a stapler or nailer

Ever wondered what the difference between a Long Nosed Stapler versus a standard 71 Series Staple Gun is. Take a look at this popular blog we put together some time ago.

As you can see there are numerous uses for this one and we supply the Staples to fit, not just in a vast array of leg lengths, but in 4 different finishes. Galvanised. Stainless Steel (anti rust), Beige and Black. Meaning you can match the job in hand achieving the best finish.  

On our galvanised range, we also stock the very difficult to obtain 71/3mm size, perfect for door cards. Importantly; though, this leg length will only operate through an air tool.

If you deal with us already, then you will know that we offer brand choice. However, for some tool types we may only select one or two brands. For the 71 series though; we stock all brands (full house!) which in turn offers you the customer a great options to choose from. DIY, to light usage, through to tools which are suited to heavy duty or high production manufacturing. Electric and Air. These are a few of our customer favourites:

71 series stapler beA
71 series stapler Stanley Bostitch


71 series stapler Fasco
71 series stapler Tacwise

That's the 71 series, so look out for next weeks poster where we will look in more depth at the difference between the 71 and 80 series. Meanwhile, as for our other Infographs, save to your computer or print out for future reference.

Know more on how to choose the right 71 series Stapler here

                                      did you know...

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