When to use a 80 Series Upholstery Stapler Compared to a 71 Series

Reach For the 80 Series Upholstery Stapler

When to use a 80 Series Upholstery Stapler Compared to a 71 Series

Following on and providing a natural progression from last weeks post: 'Nothing Does it Like a 71 Series Stapler'. This weeks information is all about 80 Series Type Tools.

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Examples of the types of questions we often get here at My Tool Kit are:  'What Staple Gun is best for Upholstery'? 'What are the Differences between Different Upholstery Staplers'?

The two Air Stapler Types which are most often used in upholstering projects:

The 80 series operates slightly thicker staples than the 71 Series. Measuring  22 gauge with a 12.8mm crown which is slightly larger than the 71 (23g). The thicker gauge of the 81 Type is better suited to fixing finer materials like vinyl and breathable membrane.

Important note: The higher the number of the gauge the thinner the wire.

There are some applications where a joiner would use an 80 series stapler too:

80 Series Stapler

By its fixings being so diverse, from wire to mesh, exhibition upholstery, insulation, lining though to roofing felt. This tool type covers quite a lot of ground.

This tool category is also referred to as a Fine Wire Stapler

 v                                  what is a fine wire stapler?


'Fine Wire Upholstery Staples'  is one of our most read blogs. Where we explain the difference between 71 and 80 series. Its only a 2 minute read with a short video, but is worth its weight in gold, to clear up any uncertainties.

Often people are confused (not surprisingly) and ask the question: 'Do I need a Stapler or Nailer'?

                                  Do I need a staple or nail gun?


What staples to use:

80 Series: Leg lengths for Galvanised are 4mm, 6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,14mm and 16mm

Sizes in Stainless (anti rust) options are 6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm and 16mm

Box quantities for the 80 Series Staples come in 10,000 for both Galvanised and Stainless Steel. Apart from  the 16mm leg length in Stainless Steel which is boxed in quantities of 5,000.

We have selected to supply  brand favourites for the 80 Series. Offering our customers choice, from economy through to premium standard:

  1. Tacwise: Standard and Extra Long Nose
  2. Stanley Bostitch: Standard and Extra Long Nose
  3. Omer: Standard and Extra Long Nose
  4. BeA:  Standard and Extra Long Nose
  5. Josef Kihlberg: Standard and Extra Long Nose

Next week we take a look at 90 Series Staplers.

Until then.... 

Happy stapling!


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