Tacwise Hammer tacker that delivers up to 12 mm from mytoolkit

Fascinating technology! Tacwise Hammer tacker that delivers up to 12 mm

Tacwise Hammer tacker that delivers up to 12 mm

Hammer tackers are in certain applications a very useful tool and Tacwise currently have two models on the market which we'll review today to enlighten your expertise. The models in question are the A11 and A54 heavy duty version.



First Impression.

Well balanced tools that fit comfortably in the hand and I personally like the more comfortable grip on the A54 heavy duty version and another feature to consider on this model is that not only can it fire staples up to a maximum length of 12mm (10mm on the A11) but the impact area of the tool has a buffer plate to help protect the surface and material being worked on.

Loading of staples does differ between the models with the A11 rear feed and A54 bottom loading - we've covered it in the video masterpiece so please have a look - Oh by the way the A54 bottom load doesn't have the removable feed rod so it cannot be lost, possibly removed and damaged... not speaking from experience of course!!



Taking the galvanised 140 staple also available in some sizes in Stainless Steel these tools are ideal for laying of carpet and underlay, exhibition and stand building, insulation, securing Tyvek or breather membrane, fixing steel mesh to timber before plastering/rendering, plastic sheeting and roofing felt to name but a few.

The tool is only as accurate as your hammering but I have seen on site for precision stapling the occasional use of a rubber mallet to strike the top of the tool for accuracy - please note the tool is not designed for this and I doubt the manufactures would but I wanted to pass on this tip to be considered with caution.



  • Model A11 taking 140 Staples (6mm - 10mm)
  • Model A54 taking 140 staples (6mm - 12mm)
  • Both models weigh less than 1 Kg
  • Model A11 rear loading of staples
  • Model A54 bottom loading of staples

chuck rating 4 and 1/2

Great tools that can take the pressure off stapling large areas and deserves a hard working 4 1/2 Star Chuck rating.

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Take Care,

Chuck blue

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