The average Londoner borrows close to £49,000 on refurbishing!

January 13, 2017

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Did you know that an average Londoner borrows nearly £49,000 in order to refurbish their homes! No-one wants to be spending money they can’t afford, so, why not try upcycling? It’s a great practice for all you DIYers out there!  

Not only will you save a LOT of money by upcycling, but also you’ll leave a better mark on the planet!

What is upcycling? Upcycling is a process in which old items are converted into something much better, that means using all the unwanted materials you have in your home and recreating them into something much better!

Upcycling is already a common trend, even artists such as Libby Hobbs have created vintage furniture from used pieces by reconstructing them and using her creativity to produce up to date pieces.

Libby Hobbs vintage chair

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We shouldn’t be skeptical about using second hand pieces to design something new as upcycling seems to be a trend many people are following in order to waste less, consume less and save more.

Kara Paslay bedKara Paslay designed a headboard, as displayed on the left, by cutting an elaborate shape from a wrinkly tin. It only costed $30 and it gives the bed a very edgy and chic feel!






Similarly, the picture on the right has been designed by Katie Thompsonwho collected recycled furniture to recreate fancy pieces of furniture. This is one of her typical suitcase chairs, very stylish!Katie Thompson chair

There are many ideas out there, and many items which you may not think you can reuse and design something which you’ll actually be satisfied with…but have a go! You’ll be surprised what you can do with a bunch of old goods…

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