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15 Gauge Stainless Steel DA Brads

15 Gauge Stainless Steel DA Brads

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15 Gauge Stainless Steel DA Brads for resistance: 

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What’s even better than a 15 Gauge Angled Brad? A Stainless Steel 15 Gauge Angled Brad!

The 15 Gauge Stainless Steel Angled Brad is the stronger big brother of the standard 15 Gauge Angled Brad. Though they may look the same as the Galvanised, the Stainless Steel coating on this variety mean that they look better for longer!  The Grade 304 Stainless Steel has anti-rust properties, meaning these are the only choice for second fix outdoor joinery or for projects using tannin-rich woods such as cedar and oak. The price may be a bit higher than its Galvanised counterpart, but take it from us, they’re worth it! As well as the high-grade finish, the angle on the 15 Gauge Stainless Steel Brads will let you get into tricky spots that would be difficult with a straight nailer. This makes them perfect for crown moulding and window casing. Practical and economical – what’s not to love?
(‘D’ Head – Also known as clipped head, inclined, DA brad)

Some Suitable Uses

  • Baseboard installation
  • Door framing
  • General 2nd fix joinery
  • Outdoor and high-quality wood applications


Available in 32mm, 38mm and 50mm Stainless Steel brad lengths. All sizes come in boxes of 4,000.
Some Alternative Brand Codes which this brad can substitute

Here is a quick video guide on why 15 Gauge are a great choice!

Suitable Tools

Senco Cordless 1.5G Angled Fusion Nailer (30-65mm)

Senco Cordless 1.5G Angled Fusion Nailer (30-65mm) F15

Tacwise 15G Inclined Brad Nailer (25-50mm) GDA64V

Senco 1.5G Angled Air Nailer (30-65mm) 6G2001N

Arrow 1.5G Angled Air Nailer (30-64mm) PT15G

Hitachi NT1865DBAL/JM 18v 2x3.0ah Li-ion Brushless 15Ga Angled Nailer

Hitachi NT65MA4

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