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34 Degree Plastic Collated Stainless Steel Strip Nails

34 Degree Plastic Collated Stainless Steel Strip Nails

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We are happy to present our brand new addition to our Framing Nails range – these are the 34 Degree Framing Nails in STAINLESS STEEL! Don't be put off by them being plastic collated, these gems will fire from almost all framing nailers! If you're unsure on compatibility, get in touch to confirm.

This new addition to the popular framing range means that you can now have confidence that your nails are going to withstand the elements and stay rust-free when exposed to damp conditions. The stainless steel composition acts as a rust-barrier, and your nails will retain their strength no matter what they are used for. They may be a little more expensive to buy at the start, but you have to replace them less often and you can use them in a bigger variety of ways – it’s an investment really! Use these nails with the Tacwise GBH90V, the Bostitch BF33-2, the Bostitch F33PT-E, and the Bostitch F33PTSM-E, and keep an eye out for the Ace & K AF0021 which we will be adding to this line very soon!

Please call us on 0333 8000 345 or contact us here to speak to some of our experts if you need help with anything.

Suitable Tools

Stanley Cordless Strip Nailer 34 Degree Paper Collated Nailer (50-90mm) GF33PT-U

Stanley Paper Collated Strip Nailer (50-90mm) F33PTSM-E

Stanley Metal Connecting Paper Collated Strip Nailer (38mm) MCN150-E

Tacwise Paper Collated Strip Nailer (50-90mm) KDH90V

Stanley Battery Powered Paper Collated Strip Nailer (50-90mm) BF33-2

Stanley Paper Collated Strip Nailer (50-90mm) F33PT-E

Dewalt DCN692 Paper Collated Strip Nailer

Paslode IM350/360 Paper Collated Strip Nailer

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