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80 Series Stainless Steel Staples

80 Series Stainless Steel Staples

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80 Series Stainless Steel Staples 

CLEARANCE WHILST STOCKS LAST: 50% OFF Bostitch 16mm due to possible snapped strips.

The best thing about the 80’s… 

These Stainless Steel Staples designed for upholstering are the best part about the 80 Series Stapling range! What did you think we were talking about? With a Crown Width of 12.8mm, and varying in lengths between 6mm and 16mm, these staples are some of the best upholstery fastenings on the market. These stainless steel staples for pneumatic staplers, gas staplers and electric staplers are incredibly versatile in their uses. 

These premium upholsery staples are made of Grade 304 Stainless Steel which helps to prevent rust and blackening around your fixtures. Also essential If you’re working in a damp environment or working on marine projects, then these are the only real choice in the stainless steel vs galvanised staples match! As the 80 Series Stainless Steel upholstery staples have a particularly wide crown, they are perfect for when you need that extra secure fixing. This also makes them perfect for most common upholstery jobs in addition to insulation and lining when you may want extra grip. We have stock of 80 Series Stainless Steel staples 6mm to 16mm.  

Some Suitable Uses 

  • Coffin linings 
  • Shop fitting  
  • Set construction 


These Stainless Steel staples for upholstery come in lengths of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 16mm. All Stainless Steel lengths come in boxes of 10,000 except the 16mm which come in a smaller box of 5,000.  

Some Alternative Brand Codes 

Brands often call the same staple by a different code. It can be a little confusing so here’s a list to help you figure out what staples you already might have! 

ATRO – 8(80) / BEA – 80/380 / BOSTITCH – 86/AZ33 / DUO-FAST – 80 / HAUBOLD – 800 /      KIHLBERG – 680 / OMER – 80 / PREBENA – AL / RAPID – 12 / SENCO – AT / SPOTNAILS – 8118 / TACWISE - 80 

Got any questions? Send them over using our online form, or give us a ring on 0333 8000 345 and an expert can give you a hand!  

We also have a video on these staples! Take a look! 

Suitable tools

Tacwise 80 Series Air Upholstery Staple Gun A8016V

Tacwise 80 Series Upholstery Air Stapler Extra Long Nose (4-16mm) A8016LN

Stanley 80 Series Upholstery Stapler (4-16mm) 21680B-E

Spotnails 80 Series Upholstery Stapler (4-16mm) OMER80-16

Kihlberg 80 Series Stapler JK10-680

Kihlberg 80 Series Stapler JK20A680

Khlberg 80 Series Stapler JK20A680L

Kihlberg 80 Series Stapler JK20-680FN

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