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BeA 90 Series Narrow Crown Stapler 90/40-621

BeA 90 Series Narrow Crown Stapler 90/40-621

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BeA 90 Series Narrow Crown Stapler 90/40-621

The very best of the 90 Series!

Introducing the BeA 90 Series Narrow Crown Stapler - otherwise known as the BeA 90/40-621. The German manufactured, full metal bodied stapler is one of the best examples of a high quality, long life, workhorse tools we have in our selection.

Considering the compact design of the 90/40-621, BeA has ensured that every inch of this tool is designed to help make your working day more efficient. The 90/40-621 comes with an integrated silencer and the handle is ergonomically designed so your working day is that little bit more comfortable. Additionally, this 90/40-621 Stapling Tool has particularly low air consumption making it an economical choice.

The stapler is perfect for most wood onto wood fixing, and can also be used for mesh and wire attachment as well as plaster boarding. As this BeA 90/40-621  drives our 90 Series Staples in leg lengths lengths ranging from 12mm through to 40mm – we’ve got most applications covered! Don’t forget – if you are going to be working outdoors, in damp environments or with high tannin woods, make sure to buy the Stainless Steel 90 Series Staples to protect the fastenings from rust or blackening!

If you perhaps don’t need such a wide variety of staple lengths for the job in hand, take a look at the BeA 90/32-611 which only drives up to 32mm, or even the BeA 90/25-552 which only drives up to 25mm!



  • Depth Adjustment: No
  • Exhaust Type: Front
  • Trigger Type: Single Shot
  • Safety: Nose
  • Rubber Grip: Yes
  • Power: Air (Compressor)
  • Loading: Top
  • Fastener Type: 18 Gauge 90 Series 5.8mm Crown Staples 13-40mm
  • Nose Type: Slim
  • Belt Hook: No
  • Easy Clear Jam: No
  • Carry Case: No
  • Dry Fire Lockout: No 
  • Fastener View: No
  • Usage: Pro Industrial
  • Weight: 3.2Kg
  • Made in Germany
  • Full metal body and magazine
  • Compact design
  • Integrated silencer
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Low air consumption
  • One year limited warranty 
  • Magazine Capacity 125 Staples
  • Working Air Pressure - 90 P.S.I. - 120 P.S.I.
  • Max compressor Pressure - 120 P.S.I.
  • Air Consumption - .032 cu. ft./cycle @ 90 P.S.I.


  • Attaching wire and mesh netting to wood
  • Cane/rattan furniture
  • Coffin manufacture
  • Drawer bottons/cabinet assembly
  • Exhibition/show construction
  • Fixing underlayment
  • Kitchen and bedroom furniture
  • Panelling
  • Portacabins,mobile homes,caravans
  • Presentation boxes
  • Shoe repair
  • Staircase construction and banister
  • Sub flooring/boarding out/plywood
  • Theatre and film scenery
  • Window display/shop fitting
  • To secure swatches in textile albums
  • ...much more ..


1 year warranty BeA 90 Series Narrow Crown Stapler 90/40-621

BeA offer different warranty periods for different parts. Here is a breakdown of what is covered and for how long.

12 Month Warranty

This warranty covers all housing and the cap of the tool. This warranty does not cover normal wearing parts such as the bumper, driver blades, O-rings, and piston rings.

For more information see our Shipping and Returns policy

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