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91 Series Divergent Point Narrow Crown Staples

91 Series Divergent Point Narrow Crown Staples

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91 Series Narrow Crown Staples

Three different finishes available!

Presenting the varied bag of 91 Series Narrow Crown Staples! These popular staples are available in three different finishes, and 5 different leg lengths!

First up, the Galvanised Diversion Points! These staples are available in 18mm, 22mm and 30mm leg lengths. Where standard chisel point staples are driven straight into the material, Diversion Point staples have angled tips that twist as they go through the material to give extra holding power to the fastening! This is particularly useful for flooring contractors who don’t want those boards to budge! These are suitable for indoor work only.

Next we have a Stainless Steel Diversion Point Staple with a leg length of 18mm! This staple has all of the same qualities as the original Diversion Points as detailed above, but then brings the quality even further up! With Grade 304 Stainless Steel coating the staples, they are prepared to battle the elements and are suitable for outdoor use with protection from rust and blackening.

Lastly, the classic and original Galvanised 91 Series Staple. These are a 25mm straight-legged, chisel point staples that will be driven into the materials straight. With these being a Galvanised finish, they are perfectly designed for indoor use.


  • Galvanised Diversion Point: 18mm, 22mm and 30mm leg length. Come in boxes of 1,000 staples
  • Stainless Steel Diversion Point: 18mm leg length. Come in boxes of 1,000 staples
  • Galvanised Standard: 18mm leg length. Come in boxes of 1,000 staples
  • ALL variations have a Crown Width of 5.95mm.


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Why not take a look at our quick 1 minute video explaining the difference between Diversion and Chisel Point staples!

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