Ace and K 15 Gauge Straight Hardened T Nails

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Presenting the Ace & K 15 Gauge Mini Hardened T-Nails! These nails are for use in the Ace & K 15G Concrete T-Nailer – one of the strongest tool and nail combos on our site. The 15G Hardened T-Nails are reinforced to be able to be driven in to wood, brick, alloy metals and even concrete! The driver on the Ace & K 15G T-Nailer has also been hardened to drive these nails into the harder materials with no problem. These T-Nails are only suitable for jobs where compromising the cosmetics isn’t an issue – they are made for strength and are therefore are a little more noticeable than your standard brad.

Once you’ve paired the nails with the T-Nailer, you’ll be ready for all sorts of applications – including fixing batons and skirting onto masonry, door stops, and non-cosmetic architraves and driving nails into brick. We have a range of leg lengths: 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm and 50mm. If you’re looking for T-Nails for more general joinery and construction needs, why not take a look at the Ace & K Multi T-Nailer and the matching T-Nails!

We are proud to be an official T-Nailer UK Supplier!

You can even chat to some of our stapling and experts if you’ve got any industry questions! You can contact them on 0333 8000 345or via our message system

    TJEP ST15/50 2G Gas Concrete Finish Nailer

    Ace and K 15G Concrete Nailer