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Tacwise Corrugated Fastener (9-15mm) FCF15XCB-C

Tacwise Corrugated Fastener (9-15mm) FCF15XCB-C

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Tacwise Corrugated Fastener (9-15mm) FCF15XCB-C

One of our old favourites!

This Tacwise Corrugated Fastener tool (FCF15XCB) has been with us since the early days of the business, and was the subject one of our early YouTube videos (take a look below!) The reason we’ve kept it on our stock for so long is because it’s a fantastic tool in every way!

Not only does it get the job done to top quality standards, but it’s from a reliable brand, at a great price! The FCF15XCB can be used as classic corrugated joint fastener (also known as butt joints) in cabinet/furniture making, sash window manufacturing and shed building.

The tool itself has an exhaust deflector to keep debris away from you face, an adjustable magazine for the different sized corrugated nails fasteners – the FCF15XCB drives them in 9mm, 12mm and 15mm lengths. There is also a safety on the nose to protect from accidental driving. A real must for your woodworking collection.


Be sure to give us a call on 0333 8000 345 or drop us a message if we can do anything to help!

Take a look below at that YouTube video we mentioned earlier - it’s a golden oldie!



  • Depth Adjuster: No
  • Exhaust Type: 360 Adjustable
  • Trigger Type: Single Shot
  • Safety: Nose
  • Adjustable Magazine: Yes
  • Rubber Grip: Yes
  • Power: Air (Compressor)
  • Loading: Bottom
  • Fastener Type: 25mm Wide Corrugated Fasteners 9-15mm
  • Nose Type: Slim
  • Belt Hook: No
  • Easy Clear Jam: No
  • Carry Case: No
  • Dry Fire Lockout: No
  • Fastener View: No
  • Usage: Pro
  • Weight: 3.3Kg
  • Width-Depth-Height: 300 x 87 x 270mm
  • Load Capacity: 80
  • PSI: 65-115
  • dBA (noise): 80
  • Powered By: Compressor


Excellent for:

  • Coffin manufacture
  • Joinery
  • Shed & garden building frames
  • Mobile homes/caravans
  • Theatre/film scenery
  • Tubs/barrels & window frames
  • Sash Windows


12 mont warranty for the Tacwise Corrugated Fastener (9-15mm) FCF15XCB

Tacwise statement: All our air tools have a twelve months return to base warranty against defective materials or workmanship. Consumable parts are subject to normal wear and tear.

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